Brunei day 1…

The journey of the unfamiliar has finally commenced. I’m currently at the night market, surrounded by so many delicious smells. I have purchased my bounty and now I await my chariot (non descript grey van) to take me back to the hotel. I didn’t give the driver my number, but given that I’m the only white person here I figure I’m easy enough to find.

Brunei is dry… which is the opposite of ladies night in Chankut last night. But I figure that much like my time in Qatar last year, this part of my journey should be a time of detox and reflection. 

I chose my hotel based on price and it’s proximity to a gym. At home I happily go for long walks, but home is never 30 degrees with enough humidity to turn my hair into a wild mop of curls. So I figured that I needed to make an effort to workout and I’m really glad I did. This evening I went to Body Combat class at the gym next door. I have no idea what the instructor was saying but lucky for me I follow directions easily, so regardless of the language gaps I had an amazing workout and a fabulous experience of taking something familiar and experiencing it in an unfamiliar way.

On my way to the market tonight I got chatting to a lady who needed to go to the 7/11. She was so appreciative for the ride because she was in need of some lady products after mother nature caught her by surprise on holiday. Moments like these, we don’t need language to help form a sense of understanding and sympathy for her situation. First impressions of the people here… they seem lovely and I appreciate that they don’t gawk at me like I’ve fallen from the skies.

It’s almost 10pm and the sun went down a few hours ago. The nearby mosque is illuminated by harsh lighting that sets the gold domes alight. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m feeling incredibly blessed today. Euphoric from the post workout high and the wildness within me that brings me to countries such as this. 

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