Brunei day 2…

I started my day early today with the sound of the prayer and the rising of the sun. Back home it’s Easter weekend, time to get out of the city and gorge on chocolate. Here, there’s no sign of Easter and the days carry on like clockwork.

After breakfast I ventured off to Tasek Lama Recreational Park for a hike into the Bush. Turns out the numbers on the sign didn’t relate to distance but instead referred to elevation. My goodness! A 3 hour steep hike in 30 degree heat and all that humidity wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it was an incredibly beautiful and intense workout all the same.

In the afternoon I booked myself in for a body massage. This is something I do whenever I travel, partly to loosen up after all the exploring on foot while in a new city and partly because massage is different everywhere you go. Here in Brunei, this woman was STRONG. My goodness! Knuckled fists steam rolling my back, serious butt massage and topped off with neck cracking. Intense at the time but totally worth it for the blessed out state I left the place in. 

In the evening I wandered down to the mosque to check out the stunning architecture. Stunning gold domes and Arabic style mosaics. I’m not religious but I appreciate it for their houses of worship. 

Tomorrow I’m off to Labuan to experience another unfamiliar part of the world. 

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