Labuan for a night…

Labuan is a small island off the coast of Borneo and is part of Malaysian Federal Territory. I came here to visit a building (no surprises there) because it’s the weirdest most futuristic looking Mosque I’ve ever seen. So weird in fact that I had to see it for myself.

Leaving my hotel in Brunei I took the free shuttle down to the bus station. Local buses are more like oversized vans. It was surprisingly simple to navigate despite having to take 2 buses to get to the ferry terminal. The fare was the princely sum of $1 for an hour long mission on bumpy roads with picturesque views. When it came time to get off the bus in Muara, a local lady helped me with my suitcase while another lady chimed in by telling me which bus I needed to take next and making sure my ticket got stamped so that I wouldn’t have to pay the fare twice. I felt so humbled by these women because I really didn’t need any help. I knew which bus I needed to take and have no issue lugging my bags around, but their kindness was too beautiful to turn away.

Each of the people I’ve encountered in Brunei have been so warm and welcoming. Beautiful bright smiles and a distinct lack of ‘staring at the white person’ which I’ve experienced plenty of during my travels. I’ll be back in Brunei tomorrow for 1 more night before carrying on my journey to Myanmar via KL.

Labuan has a very chilled vibe to it. The people seem relaxed but mostly avoid eye contact. It feels very safe and compact here but I’m not so fond of the mosquitos which seem to be very fond of me. I went to the mosque earlier this evening as the sun was starting to set. Turns out it is absolutely as weird and futuristic as I imagined. So cool!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to go for a long walk before heading back on the ferry and 2 buses to Brunei. From there I’ll check out the last of the buildings on my list and start thinking about the next leg of my journey.

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