The travelling sisterhood…

Yesterday I boarded the ferry in Labuan back to Brunei. While in the immigration queue I got chatting to another solo female traveller, who turns out went solo through no choice of her own. We got chatting and realised quickly that she was a bit spooked and totally unprepared for a night in Brunei before her onward flight to Bali.

In true Kiwi nature I took her under my wing and found myself with a roommate for a night. By the time she left this morning she was feeling chilled and ready for her next adventure and we both appreciated the company. 

Turns out not only is it illegal to buy/sell alcohol in this country, it’s also illegal to buy/sell cigarettes. Then there’s the death penalty for use of drugs… no wonder this place is so chilled! 

I’ve got about 6 more hours in Brunei and I have 1 more mosque to see before heading back to Kuala Lumpur for a night. 

Today I feel blessed for the company and memories shared with this new friend. People are the same everywhere. Emotions are the same regardless of language or culture. It costs nothing to lend a hand to someone in need. It costs nothing to be a friend to a stranger.

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