Sleeping with strangers…

Before your filthy mind gets the wrong idea, I’m talking about shared sleeping facilities while travelling. Get your mind out of the gutter :p

Right now I’m in a sleeper carriage on a train bound for Bagan. Each carriage sleeps 4 and is made up of 2 bunks. I’m travelling solo which leaves 3 empty beds which have been filled by a group of French travellers. They seem lovely and we’ve exchanged a few travel stories which broke the ice over a few beers.

Now it’s lights out and I’m very aware of the half naked men that lay only inches away from me. I was never very good at being a backpacker, sharing my space with multiple travellers each with their own morning and evening bedtime rituals and routines. Having said that though, it seems this trip has taught me that having roommates isn’t so bad and being a good roommate really isn’t that hard.

I find it near impossible to sleep on trains, but the restless night is worth it for the best sunrises and cost saved from a nights accommodation so there are absolutely no regrets. Knowing that there is a comfy hotel with a swimming pool at the end of the journey by rail is enough for me.

This trip so far has been incredibly humbling. It’s taken me back to my traveller roots and I’ve slipped into solo traveller life so incredibly easily this time around. 

Bring on Bagan 🙂

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