A day of luxury…

Sometimes I have really great ideas, like forfeiting a night in a hotel in exchange for a 19 hour train journey in Myanmar in a shared sleeper carriage. I really enjoy trains for about the first hour but my goodness was I tired this morning. Thankfully I managed to get some sleep, I really have no idea how haha. 

So since I saved a nights accommodation last night and am somewhat exhausted today, I have given myself a day of luxury. No sightseeing, no itineraries, no timekeeping. The hotel I’m staying at in Bagan has a fantastic swimming pool with recliners for sunbathing. After a long bumpy and rather dirty ride, this pool has been absolutely bliss with some time in the sun to work on my tan.

Next stop the on-site spa for a massage. An hour of  ‘oil therapy massage’ has left me feeling so relaxed and blissed out. Soon I’ll head out in search of food. I haven’t had a proper meal since yesterday and it looks like there’s a nice place down the road with river views. 

Tomorrow it’s gonna be on like donkey kong. 5am start to watch the sunrise, a day of sightseeing then cooking school in the evening. 

Bagan is peaceful with few tourists and very rural. My broken English and charades skills are very important here as English is not as commonly spoken as it was in Yangon. Happy days 🙂

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