A week from now…

This time next week I’ll be boarding my connecting flight to Taipei. Country number 22 for me… with an itinerary that is about as blank as the faces of those who struggle to understand why I travel the way that I do.

It seems that the more I travel, the less planned/organised I become. So far my itinerary for Taiwan features only 2 items. 1. visit Taipei 101. 2. Go hiking up elephant hill to take in the views that feature Taipei 101. Beyond that, I have nowhere toto be and all night to get there.

After Taipei I’m offer to Hanoi for a night before spending a week with a friend split between Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Hoi An. I’ve been to the last 3 destinations a.few years agoago, so I’m keen to take in as much of Hanoi as I can which I didnt get to last time I was in Vietnam. 

From Da Nang, travel buddy will head home while I head to KL for a night en route to Luang Prabang, Laos. Country number 23 for me. I’ve booked in for cooking school and I have loose plans to check out the temples and wildlife. But no real plans.

I remember back when I first became a traveller. Spreadsheets filled with every tiny detail. Structured itineraries, daily plans right down to the hour… I’d print out all my flight and accommodation details. Overpack a myriad of unnecessary items. Use maps to calculate my every move. 

Now… I still have a spreadsheet of flight details. But beyond that, I got nothing. I’m so comfortable in my travels and experiences that being in foreign places no longer daunts me. I take pleasure in aimless wandering, maps no longer serve any purpose. I follow my nose. Proactive research seems more like something that will spoil the surprise of a city. I no longer have any desire to calculate my upcoming experiences. I’d rather let life lead me where it wants me to go. I’d rather be free.

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