I don’t know when…

I don’t know when I became a traveller… or became this kick ass corporate lady who owns her career… or the woman who takes her life as her own, doing as she pleases despite what others have to say. I don’t know when I became this person… But I’m sure glad I did.

Almost 6 years ago life for me was a whole different story. Not good… Not bad… just mediocre with a few too many natural disasters that shook enough sense into me to move past it. For the longest time I wanted the same things that society wanted for me. A humble career, a husband, a car, a house, a family… I had the career, in its ultra humble form. I had a husband who supported me wholly and truely. There’s even my name on the car ownership papers. The rest was a dream. The rest was the hopes and dreams of a newly married couple. 

When the quakes happened and after a myriad of scenarios that I don’t care to share took place, and I began life only for me… My career went from humble to envious. My travel status went from non existent to memories that no one around me could relate to. My relationship status went from married to divorced to single… eternally so. 

Whilst to some that seems like such a lonely trade off, I regret nothing. I sit here in the premium lounge (work perk) with a spare seat beside me, living life by my own rules. There are times where I long to be settled, but like most things… The moments pass. 

I wouldn’t wish the quakes or my history on anyone, but I am so grateful and humbled by the experience. I am grateful and blessed for the life I lead as it is my idea of a dream. My idea of freedom. 

I may stand alone… But my goodness I stand proud. 

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