Taipei so far…

What a chilled city! After 18 hours of flights and airport transits, I’m now settled in Taipei. Navigating public transport here is incredibly simple and very cheap. The self service MRT ticketing kiosks are easy, and if you use the public transport function on Google Maps, getting around is incredibly simple.

After checking in to my hotel, shower and a nap, I went out in search of Taipei 101. Lucky for me I managed to sleep through the short burst of rain and the skies were relatively clear. I took the MRT from Taipei Main Station to Taipei 101 which cost a mere 25 TWD (about $1.10 NZD).

The entry fee at Taipei 101 is 600 TWD (about $27 NZD) which is probably the most expensive thing I’ve encountered so far on this trip. But it’s so worth it. Not only will you ride in the world’s fastest elevator which took us up 89 floors in 37 seconds, but the views from the top are just stunning. I got there just in time to watch the sunset. My photos don’t do it justice. The queues were quite long but they process relatively quickly so not a big deal.

I then went wandering through the streets near Taipei 101 after dark. The streets are safe and clean, maybe even a little quiet. The whole city seems very chilled and orderly.

This morning I ventured out to the Maokong Gondola. I bought a Taipei 1 day pass for 350 TWD (about $16 NZD) which gives me unlimited use of the MRT, buses and the gondola. The gondola ride is stunning, especially in the Crystal cabins which has a glass floor. I got here around 1030am and the queues aren’t too bad. 

I’m now perched on the side of a hill, watching the butterflies flutter from flower to flower, overlooking the sprawling city, sipping on an iced citrus tea which is really like sipping on liquid marmalade.

Once I’m done here, I’ll head to an architects exhibition on at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. This evening the plan is to try as many things as I can at the night markets. Happy days 🙂

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