And then there was peace…

I’m guilty of losing sight of the wider world when I’m caught up in the daily grind of my corporate and student life back home. Yet when I travel, it’s like I live a different life. Right now I’m writing from Vietnam, live Spanish music floating on the breeze, glass of wine in my hand. In all my life, I’ve never known the feeling of peace that I feel today.

I’m with my travel buddy who I’ve spent many a holiday with since we met. Today we arrived at a resort that tops every ounce of luxury we’ve experienced in the moments that came before this. 

In this environment I realised that I am absolutely at peace with myself and the life I lead. Sure I have a long list of things in my life that are far from perfect, yet I am both humbled and proud of who I am and the life I lead. 

Work doesn’t cross my mind, study has its place in tomorrow’s schedule. Until then, I just am. This feeling of peace doesn’t happen on its own. It comes from the realisation and satisfaction that whilst I am far from perfect, i am doing my best and am living the life I once dared to dream. 

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