Life is… As wondorous as you make it

This time last weekend… I was at a Charity Ball with some of my closest friends. Bear in mind that I live in Wellington, New Zealand and these things aren’t nearly as glamorous as your mindset may take you to right now. But the evening itself was wonderful. Amazing company = amazing night.

The subsequent nights were spent living the hotel high Life with my travel buddy. Enjoying long awaited lie ins and waking up with someone I care for dearly next to me. Maids who make my bed, afternoon dips in the hotel pool… Life is wonderous!

This evening I spent the night at the opera on a tinder date. Lucky for me he’s Italian and appreciates opera… Lucky for him I’m a trained opera singer and appreciate having someone to accompany me to the orchestration of my trade.

A big decision has been made today… I’ve set a date for exploring Europe and escaping the responsibilities of work for 4 months. I have 8 months to save as much money and lose as much weight as I can… Bring it on…!

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