How I save for my wild adventures

I’ve been on 2 overseas adventures this year and in less than a couple of months I’ll be embarking on my third. For some, travel is just out of reach and I can respect that. But for many others, we think that travel will be soooo expensive that we never find a way to make it happen. So here are a few of the ways I save for my adventures.

1. Coins and the coin equivalent. I try my best to stick to a cash budget when I’m at home, and every time I end up with coins I throw them in a jar. These shiny wee nuggets can add up pretty fast and when it’s time to head abroad I take them to the bank and exchange it for foreign currency. It might not be a huge amount, but it’s money I would’ve wasted on coffee anyway so might as well top up the travel fund. I also have a separate bank account for savings and whenever my main account has an uneventful balance, I transfer enough to savings to make the balance even. I like my bank balance to have whole numbers, I know this sounds weird but it’s amazing how quickly the savings can add when I’m not really saving.

2. I’m flexible in dates and destinations. The Everywhere destination option on Skyscanner is awesome! I use Skyscanner to find out the best deals from my home city and map out the cheapest route from there. Being from New Zealand it’s sometimes cheaper to fly from Australia to the rest of the world so it’s good to explore a few different routes before making a booking. If there’s a particular destination I’m after then I look at the whole month I want to travel to find the cheapest dates.

3. Travel to places where the cost of living is less than your home city. Depending on where you’re from, you can sometimes take advantage of a different exchange rate. Its also good to remember that the cost of living is different everywhere you go. Make sure you do your accommodation research before booking flights though because cheap flights doesn’t always mean cheap destination.

4. Sacrificing nice things. I don’t eat out much or go out for drinks too often but I do enjoy nice food and wine. Lucky for me I’m a great cook and my friends are just as happy with a budget friendly night in as they are with a big night out. Think about it though… Would you rather have an expensive night out at home or spend the same amount on a nights accommodation somewhere exotic?

5. Stop wasting money on dumb stuff… I make my lunch at home and bring it to work to avoid wasting money on buying lunch everyday. I have a plunger on my desk so that I can still enjoy a nice cup of coffee instead of having to use the instant stuff in the office kitchen or wasting money on a daily coffee run.

At the end of the day, it’s all about priorities 🙂

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