Globalisation and dating…

The dating game has completely changed since the world wide web provided a multitude of ways to easily access the pics, profiles and promises of other Singleton’s. Early on it was seen as quite a scary and dirty thing, to be meeting a man off the internet. Whereas now, a well wishing smug married colleague could have you marketable to the wonderful world of dating apps by lunch time.

While dating apps sure make it a lot easier to meet new people and super easy to weed out the not so potential future mate, there’s now a disposable element to the dating game that never really existed before social media. However, that’s a story for another day. Today I’m going to talk about accessibility and logistics when it comes to dating in the 21st century.

A few weeks ago I got chatting to a handsome Brit on Tinder. He was only in town for a short holiday before heading back to the UK. We got along really well and managed to squeeze in a short date, the night before he left. He has plans to move here to NZ in the new year. We’ve messaged every day since. But realistically, he’s just a good lad that I shared a drink with. Social media and messaging platforms make it so easy to keep in touch while I’m abroad, but when it comes to situations like this it seems more frustrating than it is awesome.

Then there are those who get in touch via dating apps who are clearly in other countries. Perhaps as some kind of visa ploy, who knows. But what’s the point in meeting someone online and not actually meeting them… What are you meant to do when you have err urges. What happens when it’s time to bring your plus 1 to the Christmas do?

A friend of mine got fed up with the Kiwi lads and used Tinder to find herself a Frenchman. He now lives here and they live happily ever after… But for me, I’m not sure that the ease of accessibility to a myriad of people located all over the world is really the solution to my eternal singledom. 

I wouldn’t mind finding myself a pen pal, or a man who comes to my house to arrange a date. So much courage and planning went into dating in the traditional sense, but now there’s no need to make the effort when you know you can find someone else at the swipe of a thumb. 

While my career, mind and abilities continue to age and evolve, it seems I’ve been harbouring the soul of an 80yo. Globalisation in the dating game… I’m not sold on it.

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